Philadelphia Divorce Lawyers FAQ

What should I expect during my divorce?

Divorce is a particularly difficult emotionally for all parties involved. Divorce is not a one-size-fits-all proceeding, as each case is unique. However, there are several common things you can expect in addition to unique case-by-case circumstances. Our attorneys will discuss all of these issues thoroughly so you feel prepared and confident.

How does the retainer fee work?

Our retainer fees vary depending on your type of case - divorces with children or with a large amount of property to be divided typically cost much more than simpler divorces where there are no children or very little property. When you pay your retainer, your attorney's hourly rate is billed against the retainer - when you run short on retainer funds you will be notified to make a payment. If there are funds leftover after the proceeding is complete, you will receive back the difference.

Am I eligible to receive spousal support?

Spousal support is based on several factors including the length of the marriage, your education and ability to work, and current incomes. Your attorney can give you more details and use the spousal support formula to give you a better idea of what amount, if any, you would receive.

Am I eligible to receive child support?

Child support is based on several factors, including parenting time and the parties' incomes. This is a question your lawyer can answer specifically for you upon meeting.

How long does a divorce take?

This varies. Some divorces are quick and simple, while others can be more lengthy if there are many issues to deal with. However, the court does have guidelines and time-frames so you wont have to worry about having a particularly difficult divorce dragged out for too long.