Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer Costs

While some divorces are quick and simple, others can be lengthy and expensive. Our retainers are fair and affordable. The retainer fee for a divorce with little assets is less than the retainer for a case that involved a significant amount of assets to be divided in addition to custody and support issues. But regardless, our retainers work the same, You are billed hourly against the retainer and later either will be asked to pay an additional amount to continue being represented by us, or, if the case is finalized and there is money left over, you will receive that amount back. If you cancel your divorce while there is still money left in your retainer you will receive the leftover amount back.

Our attorneys are excellent and strive to be honest with you. If there is a motion or filing that may not be in your best interest we will be sure you are aware of all avenues towards resolution before you incur any costs. We are committed to making this difficult process as smooth as possible.

Retainer Info

  • Upfront payment

    We do require that retainer payments be paid upfront.

  • We bill against the retainer

    When you pay your retainer fee, we bill against that fee. If you get close to going over the retainer we'll let you know.

  • Unused retainers are refundable

    We don't believe in non-refundable retainers. If you pay for your proceedings and the divorce is completed before the retainer is used, or if the divorce is called off, you will get back the unused portion of your retainer.